13 April 2024,  
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Our vision :-

Optimal utilisation and effective use of water for agriculture purpose and to mitigate the effects of flood on habitants in the state.

Our mission :-

Uttarakhand is endowed with a rich and vast diversity of natural resources, water being one of them. Its development and management plays a vital role in agriculture production. Integrated water management is vital for poverty reduction, environmental sustenance and sustainable economic development. To provide most efficient irrigation facilities all across the state and prevent valuable land and human resource from flood and cloud burst.

Function :-

Primary objectives of the Irrigation department are: -

To provide the irrigation facilities to the farmers.
Planning, design and utilisation of water resource assets.
To protect habitation and land from erosion and floods.
Conservation of rainwater.
Fabrication and erection of hydromechanical works.
To provide training and skill enhancement for newly recruited Engineers of various departments of Uttarakhand.

Institutes under Uttarakhand Irrigation Department are : -

Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee : – It is a premier institute in the field of preparing D.P.R. of various projects, survey, hydraulic modelling, civil Engineering, material testing & ground water studies.

State Engineers Academy, Roorkee : – It is a premier institute providing training to the newly appointed engineers of various departments of Uttarakhand

State Irrigation workshop, Roorkee : - This unit is specialised in all types of fabrication and erection works of various hydro projects all over India.


Uttarakhand Irrigation Department
Engineer In Chief
Yamuna Colony
Dehradun 248001

Fax : 0135-3510901, 2530916 (Off.)
Email : hodcamp.id@gmail.com 

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